Spectator Tips

What You Need to Know

Make your Sanford International experience go as smoothly as possible with these tips and guidelines.

Things to Bring

  • Umbrellas – no sleeves
  • Opaque bags not exceeding 6×6 inches
  • Clear plastic, vinyl or other carry items not exceeding 12x6x12 inches
  • A one-gallon clear re-sealable plastic bag
  • Phones, tablets and PDAs – MUST be on Silent mode and adhere to TOUR’s Mobile Device Policy (see below)
  • Still camera with lens smaller than 6 inches; no case (Wednesday only)
  • Collapsible chairs, without chair bags
  • Medically necessary supplies, strollers, small diaper bags, plastic baby bottles, and other necessary baby supplies (infant must be with carrier) – items subject to search
  • Binoculars without binocular case

Mobile Device Policy

Mobile devices are now allowed on-course in designated calling areas. Please respect players and other spectators around you by observing the following:

  • Please silence your mobile device.
  • Calls are only permitted in designated areas. Please see course map for specific locations.
  • Thursday through Sunday: photos of players as they execute a golf shot within competition is NOT ALLOWED. Still photography of all other areas is permitted.
  • Violations may result in the confiscation of your mobile device or removal from the Tournament grounds.

Tournament Etiquette

Whether you’re new to golf or not, observe these guidelines to ensure an enjoyable, fun and safe experience for you and your fellow spectators.

  • Stay behind the gallery ropes and follow the marshal’s directions at all times.
  • Do not cross fairways except at designated crosswalk areas.
  • Always look both ways before crossing a cart path.
  • Be considerate of others, and kneel or sit if you find yourself in the front row of the gallery.
  • Walk carefully, never run.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Remain silent through each shot, and do not move until all players in the group have played or holed out.
  • Children under 12 should be kept at a safe distance while play is in progress. Parents should take extra precautionary measures when choosing a viewing location.
  • Watch the tournament “Parade Style” by picking a spot and watching the field pass by or “Cross-Country Style” by following a particular player or group around the course.